Azienda Agricola Ivaldi Dario - Nizza Monferrato
Azienda Agricola Ivaldi Dario

Winery: Azienda Agricola Ivaldi Dario


Andrea Ivaldi, the youngest of the family, opens the doors of his company to those who are ‘wine-curious’, to show them where the wine is made; the result of a year of care and passion.
From the vineyards to the winery; the Ivaldi family will lead you on the path that creates a traditional wine through colors, fragrances, scenery and wine tasti

Ivaldi Dario’s farm is located in an area famous for its historical vocation in making Barbera wine.
Its’ the town of Nizza Monferrato in fact that produces the best Barbera wine and grapes, thanks to the soil, the favorable climate and a more than 5 centuries old tradition in making wine.

The Ivaldi family have been cultivating vineyards and producing wine for three generations, especially with Barbera: their love for winegrowing increased over the years, and technology improved the quality of their products while keeping the traditional characteristic.

Ivaldi Dario cultivates twelve Hectars vineyards, part in Nizza Monferrato and part in the neighborhood town of Castel Boglione.
The sunny exposition of their vineyards on windly hills gives every year good and juicy fruits, expecially thanks to the poor and sandy soil and traditionally winning wine growing techniques.
Besides Barbera, the farm grows and vinifies also Moscato d’Asti, the most loved dessert wine in Italy, Dolcetto, Freisa, Chardonnay and Favorita.

From the cultivation of vines to the vinification, all the steps for the production od Ivaldi’s wine are done with care and devotion by all the family members. Wines are frank and reveal all the own characteristics of the vine, and they express each time all the nuances of the different vintages their grapes belog to.

Available both in bottles and in carboys, as old farmers used to store wine, Ivaldi0s wines are made by keeping in mind the traditional hints of each wine, more than the new fashion of taste. Oak barrels and wooden casks are used with care with the only purpose of smoothening wines, without altering the aromas and taste of the original grapes.